Something New


So, here I am again.

It’s been almost 2 months since I wrote my last entry and I’m so happy that I’ve finally convinced myself to go back to creating blog stories again!

In case you’ve noticed, (which I hope you did. Lol) I just gave my blog a new look because I wasn’t really into the previous one. Honestly, I’ve been rooting for a minimalist blog since day one. Something clean and simple and basic.

I’ve always wanted to have my blog customized with my type of layout but, good God, why in the world does it have to be so d*mn expensive? Or is it just me being practical and/or close-fisted? Lol. Nevertheless, I’m real happy with my blog’s new theme now. It actually motivated me to write this entry and have it published tonight even though I’m still here in the office, trying to look busy when in fact I am just updating my blog. haha! (Me at 6:45 P.M).

Aside from its new look, I’ve also decided to add another category on it which I did just because I wanted to set a goal—to write an entry a day—for the progress of this blog.

Jgh—time check, 9:03 P.M. I felt extra excited to go home not only because of our family celebration for my cousin’s graduation (which means, moooore foods!!!), but also because I’m itching to hit “publish” for this entry to be shown publicly. Hehe.

As I was saying, I’ve added this Currently category on the blog so I can have a reason to get back to writing new entries every single day (or atleast, once a week/month).

Swear I’ll start this currently thing as soon as possible for today’s entry’s just an intro (but actually, I’m just destracted on the foods served on the table. Lol).

I hope you find ways to make even a little progress in everything you do. Strive to be productive everyday.

Happy Tuesday!



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