Episode 1: Domination

December 2015— I started to pursue my love for photography and portraits became my thing, especially because my supportive parents have motivated me to do so for buying me a 50mm prime lens as a Christmas gift.

I started taking portraits during family ocassions—reunions, birthdays, christmas, nye, etc. I started with my family, my relatives, even my dog became my subject.

Last year, in December, I’ve had my first collab shoot with Elaine. The one I shared on the blog about a week ago.

Today, I’m so thrilled to share with you the final photos of a collaboration I’ve done with one of my college besties—Dom.

Eyewear from SM Accessories

As you’ve read on the title, it says there, “Episode 1,” yes, this is only just the beginning. The first part of our collab shoot. To give you a hint, there are 2 more episodes to watch out for. wink wink

Basically, this shoot is about style and fashion which is this genius’ cup of tea.

Bench Basic Tee

I have posted some photos on my other social media accounts such as facebook and instagram. But I’m only sharing all the final photos here on the blog.

Iconic Penguin Socks

Mango White Sneakers

forever21 Parka

What you’ve seen is only the first episode of The Domination, as we call it—a collaboration with Domenic Perelonia.

As I said, there’ll be 2 more episodes so stay tuned, ya’ll!!! 💞
Location: Circuit Lane, Makati

Also, visit us on instagram!!! @fayealmojuela and @itsmedomenic




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