Fresh Start

“And suddenly you know.. it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

I have always been interested in blogging. Reading and stalking as much blog as I could when I have time, to get inspiration so when I’m brave enough to create one, it’ll be much easier (I wish).

I must admit, I was afraid because I’m not really good with words which is why it took me years to decide whether or not I should make my own blog. I was never into writing because I know I’m not that good at it. I even tried writing a blog post for several times, but I always end up deleting everything I’ve written.

Until I realized I want to write, not for the sake of being called a “blogger” or “writer,” but I want to do it for myself because I know that this is what I really want. I will do it to be able to share my thoughts. Let’s say this will be my form of release for other people to know meโ€”the real meโ€”my whole heart and soul.

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It is never too late to try and start something new, though. In the blog, I’ll write about myself (mostly). I will talk about my adventures or the places I will visit. Photography-more on portraiture and collab with different people, editing tips, etc. I will also write about personal favorites-music, artists, books! Lastly, for my inner artsy fartsy, I’ll also feature museums, art exhibits, and my favorite artworks.

I’ve been planning about this for a long time and I’m so thrilled to finally share it.. to the people who might be interested. *wink wink*

Welcome to my blog! โค